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God created the world
  • God created the whole world and everything in it
    Genesis ch1

  • God is still working in the world and keeps everything going
    Matthew ch6 v25-31

Jesus is the Son of God
  • Jesus is the divine only begotten & beloved Son of God

  • John 1:14 | Mark 1:11

  • Jesus is not God, Jesus calls God his Father
    Matthew ch6 v9 | John ch17 v1

  • Jesus is under the authority of God
    1 Corinthians ch11 v3 | 1 Corinthians ch15 v26-28 | John ch5 v26-27

  • God is greater than Jesus
    John ch14 v28 | John ch10 v29-30

Jesus is our saviour
  • Our sins can be forgiven because Jesus died for us
    Luke ch24 v46-47 | Acts ch2 v38

  • Jesus has brought us back into a relationship with God
    John ch14 v6-7 | Colossians ch1 v21-22

  • We should try to be like Jesus and follow his teachings
    Matthew ch7 v24 | 1 John ch3 v23-24

Jesus is in heaven but will one day return to the earth
  • After his resurrection Jesus went into heaven
    Luke ch24 v51

  • He sits at the right hand of God
    Romans ch8 v34 | Acts ch7 v55

  • One day, Jesus will return to the Earth
    Acts ch1 v11 | Matthew ch24 v30


A resurrection of the dead
  • When Jesus returns to the earth, the dead who have heard God’s message will be raised to life
    1 Corinthians ch15 v20-22, 52 | 1 Thessalonians ch4 v16

  • Jesus will judge those people and will give eternal life to all the faithful
    Matthew ch25 v31-46 | 2 Timothy ch4 v1 | John ch3 v15


The Kingdom of God
  • Those people who have been given eternal life will live in God’s kingdom
    Revelation ch21 v3

  • Jesus will establish God’s kingdom on the earth, ruling from Jerusalem
    Luke ch1 v32-33

  • God’s kingdom will never end and all death and suffering will stop
    Daniel ch2 v44 | Isaiah ch35 v5-7, 10 | Revelation ch21 v4-5


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