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Bible Reading Pack


Bible Courses

This websites offers three free online courses you can complete on your own or with a tutor. It also has fact sheets, booklets and other articles to help you understand its message. It is all free of charge and with no obligation.

Faith foun.png

The WC Foundation website offers several podcasts, including Faith foundations. This gives a good overview of key Bible teachings in 13 brief episodes. Check out their videos and other resources too.

Life's Big Questions

Check out this website for short videos and articles focusing on Life's Big Questions, such as, what is the meaning of life? Why should I believe in a God I can't see? Why does God allow suffering?

Why The Bible?

This website has videos and articles to help you examine the evidence for the Bible for yourself. This includes archeology, fulfilled prophecy, laws ahead of their time and internal consistency.

This Is Your Bible

Here you will find opportunities to learn through online courses with your own personal tutor, by asking us a specific Bible related question, or by browsing the library of articles on a wide range of Bible subjects. 


Interactive Bible Reading

This site has interactive Bible reading plans with questions, summary points, links to study aids such as maps and timelines and an audio option to listen to the reading. 

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Glad Tidings Magazine

Free magazines with interesting articles on a range of Bible topics every month. Digital and physical copies available.

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