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We are a group of Bible believers with a real hope to share of God's love for us and how we can be part of his plan for the earth.


We are passionate about understanding the Bible and living to be more like Jesus. We encourage everyone to search and consider the Bible for themselves.


We are a close-knit community of lay people who all volunteer our time, working together to help our Ecclesia run.


We would love to share God's hope with you.

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We believe that Jesus will return soon to setup God's kingdom on earth. He will bring about worldwide peace, plenty, joy and everlasting life - the only solution for the world's problems. 

To find out more about our beliefs and how you can be part of God's plan check out the links below.


We come together from all over Dunedin, and from differing backgrounds every Sunday to remember our shared hope in Jesus through the bread and wine.

As well as the Sunday memorial meeting we also have a mid-week Bible class, Sunday school, women's group, youth group and social activities.



The Christadelphian organisation was formed in the mid-1800s. A British doctor, John Thomas, was caught in a storm out at sea and decided that if he made it to land he would look for God's truth. He was saved from the storm, and spent the rest of his life studying God's word.


The understanding that John Thomas gained though his studies and reading included some teachings that differed from those of other churches. However, he was not the first to believe these things. Tyndale, Wickliffe and Isaac Newton as well as small groups of Christians since the time of Christ shared many of these beliefs.


Many came to share John Thomas' understanding of God's plan of salvation and a community of lay people dedicated to reading and studying the Bible grew. Some years later the name Christadelphian was coined. The name Christadelphian is a derivative of Greek words meaning Brethren (relatives) in Christ.

The first Christadelphian to arrive in Dunedin was a surgeon by the name of S. G. Hayes in 1854, from England. Since that time, the Christadelphians have maintained a presence, and today our ecclesia has approximately 40 baptised members, plus children and young people.  

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There are around 60,000 Christadelphians worldwide. We meet in Canada, the USA, South America, the UK, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. In the Pacific there are members in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga and the Cook Islands.


  • We are a fairly close-knit, lay community​ with no paid clergy. Different people take turns to lead and exhort the Sunday morning memorial meeting.​

  • We are conscientious objectors. We aim to follow Jesus' example of forgiveness and reliance on God, and choose not to get involved in military service or similar roles.

  • We encourage everyone to search out the Bible for themselves and develop a solid understanding of true Bible teachings.

  • We believe that Jesus is the son of God, who brought about salvation through love and forgiveness, rather than payment or punishment (Romans 3:22, Ephesians 2:8).

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